SEC Files Lawsuit Against Consensys Over Unregister Brokerage Acts

Allegations of Unregistered Broker Services and Securities Offerings Lead to SEC Legal Action
SEC Files Lawsuit Against Consensys Over Unregister Brokerage Acts

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a lawsuit against Consensys, alleging the company engaged in unregistered brokerage activities and securities offerings through its MetaMask Swaps and MetaMask Staking services. The SEC claims that Consensys collected over $250 million in transaction fees from these services without proper registration, raising significant investor protection concerns.

MetaMask Swaps allowed users to trade various crypto assets by sourcing the best exchange rates from approximately 14 third-party liquidity providers. The platform handled these trades through Consensys' smart contracts, ensuring seamless asset transfers. Meanwhile, MetaMask Staking enabled users to participate in staking programs offered by Lido and Rocket Pool, which the SEC considers securities.

The SEC's complaint highlights that these services facilitated over 36 million crypto asset transactions, including 5 million involving crypto asset securities, without proper registration. The commission seeks a permanent injunction against Consensys, civil monetary penalties, and other relief to address these alleged violations.

Consensys disputes the SEC's allegations, arguing that the commission's actions represent regulatory overreach and an attempt to expand its jurisdiction through enforcement. The company has taken legal action against the SEC, challenging potential efforts to categorize Ether and associated staking services as securities.

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