Hong Kong Seeks Global Input on Web3 and Virtual Assets Policy

Legislative Council of Hong Kong Invites Feedback to Shape Web3 Innovation and Regulatory Framework
Hong Kong Seeks Global Input on Web3 and Virtual Assets Policy

Hong Kong is taking a proactive approach in shaping its future as a global hub for Web3 and virtual assets. The Hong Kong Legislative Council has announced a call for global feedback to help develop comprehensive policies that balance technical, legal, and regulatory frameworks. This initiative is spearheaded by Legislative Council member Johnny NG Kit-Chong and involves a detailed study and consultation process to gather diverse perspectives from industry stakeholders.

The Council's subcommittee on Web3 and virtual asset development aims to foster an environment that supports technological innovation while ensuring robust legal regulations. By seeking input on various aspects, including international cooperation, artificial intelligence integration, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), Hong Kong aims to position itself as a leader in the Web3 space.

Key areas of interest include enhancing investor and consumer protection, boosting market confidence, and developing policies to support the growth of stablecoins and professional custody services. The feedback will be summarized and submitted to the government, guiding future legislative efforts.

This initiative follows the establishment of a task force in July 2023, comprising industry participants and government officials to oversee Web3's development ethically. Despite a recent decline in crypto exchanges seeking licenses in Hong Kong, the government remains committed to advancing its virtual asset industry.

As Hong Kong navigates the complexities of Web3 and virtual assets, this global feedback initiative highlights its dedication to creating a thriving and secure digital economy. The outcomes will significantly influence Hong Kong's strategy in becoming a prominent player in the international Web3 and virtual assets arena.

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