China Cracks Down on $5.6B Cryptocurrency Fraud Scheme

Major arrests and significant legal actions as China continues to combat cryptocurrency fraud
China Cracks Down on $5.6B Cryptocurrency Fraud Scheme

Chinese authorities have recently intensified their crackdown on cryptocurrency-based pyramid schemes, targeting major fraudulent operations across the nation. This sweeping enforcement action led to the arrest of 93 suspects involved in a sophisticated network accused of laundering up to $5.6 billion through virtual currencies. The raids spanned multiple locations, resulting in the seizure of significant digital and electronic assets, including over 100 smartphones and computers, and the freezing of approximately $40 million in assets.

One prominent case involved Shenzhen Shikongyun Technology, a firm engaged in Filecoin mining. This company was charged with running a pyramid scheme by requiring participants to invest in or lease mining equipment, promising high returns through recruitment of new members. This deceptive practice was a serious violation, disrupting both social and economic order in the region.

In another significant development, the ringleaders of the PlusToken scheme, one of the largest Ponzi schemes in China’s history, were sentenced to up to 11 years in prison. The PlusToken platform, which attracted nearly 2.7 million members by offering high returns on investments, defrauded investors out of approximately $2.25 billion worth of cryptocurrencies, including 310,000 bitcoins. This scheme operated under the guise of a legitimate blockchain-based investment but was revealed to be a classic Ponzi scheme that collapsed in mid-2019, leading to significant losses and a notable drop in Bitcoin prices at the time.

These cases underscore China’s rigorous stance against cryptocurrency fraud, reflecting ongoing efforts to regulate the digital currency market while curbing illegal fundraising activities. Despite stringent regulations, the persistence of such schemes highlights the challenges authorities face in eradicating financial fraud involving digital assets.

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