Europe's Vision: Proposing an "Airbus for Web4"

A Strategic Initiative to Establish the EU as a Leader in the Metaverse and Web4 Sectors
Europe's Vision: Proposing an "Airbus for Web4"

A recent report by LSE Consulting, associated with the London School of Economics, advocates for the creation of an Airbus-like industrial conglomerate specifically for the metaverse to ensure European leadership in the emerging Web4 sector. This recommendation draws on the successful Airbus model, a conglomerate of aerospace firms from France, Germany, and Spain, which has led Europe to prominence in the aerospace industry.

The proposal outlines a framework for an industrial cluster that could foster specialized internet engineering skills in Europe. The conglomerate would not only serve as a technological powerhouse but also as a strategic initiative to position the EU competitively against global tech giants like the U.S. and China. With prominent European companies like BMW, Ikea, and Ericsson already making strides in metaverse technologies, the report suggests that Europe is well-positioned to lead in this transformative sector.

Moreover, LSE Consulting underscores the necessity for the EU to support educational programs in engineering and research to fuel innovation within the metaverse. By facilitating cross-border cooperation and innovation, the proposed conglomerate could spearhead the development of standards and solutions for the challenges emerging from these new digital realms.

As Europe explores these viable pathways, the initiative could significantly influence the global landscape of digital and immersive technologies, paving the way for a unified and robust European metaverse strategy.

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