What AVAX Needs to Complete Its Bullish Reversal

Analyzing Key Indicators for Avalanche's Potential Market Rebound
What AVAX Needs to Complete Its Bullish Reversal

Avalanche (AVAX) shows signs of a bullish trend, but struggles due to strong bearish pressure. For a bullish reversal, AVAX must break above the Ichimoku cloud and see the MACD line cross above the signal line. The downtrend in the NVT ratio signals potential undervaluation, a bullish sign if accompanied by increased transaction volumes. However, current bearish signals include increased exchange netflow and declining active addresses.

Key Highlights:

  1. Technical Indicators:

    • Ichimoku cloud breakout and MACD line crossing above signal line are critical.

  2. Market Activity:

    • Rising transaction volumes and declining NVT ratio indicate bullish potential.


AVAX needs to overcome significant bearish indicators for a bullish reversal, focusing on key technical milestones and increased market activity.

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