South Korean Virtual Assets Law to Protect Consumers

Understanding the New Regulations and Their Impact on the Crypto Industry
South Korean Virtual Assets Law to Protect Consumers

South Korea's new Virtual Assets Law, effective July 19, aims to protect users of virtual assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Act mandates virtual asset service providers (VASPs) to manage user deposits securely and imposes penalties for unfair trading practices. The Financial Services Commission (FSC) will oversee the implementation, ensuring VASPs adhere to strict safety standards. The law focuses on consumer protection, market integrity, and stringent security measures, including storing 80% of customer digital assets in cold wallets.

Key Highlights:

  1. Consumer Protection:

    • Strict management of user deposits and severe penalties for unfair trading.

  2. Market Integrity:

    • Emphasis on fair operations and transparency.


The law marks a significant step in regulating South Korea's crypto market, fostering a secure environment for investors.

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