Rizz Memecoin Plummets 90% During Live Spaces Pitch

Live Presentation Goes Awry as Rizz Memecoin’s Value Crashes Amid Transparency Concerns
Rizz Memecoin Plummets 90% During Live Spaces Pitch

The founder of Rizz memecoin experienced a dramatic setback during a live pitch on X (formerly Twitter) Spaces, witnessing the token's value plummet by 90% in real-time. The incident was exacerbated by questions from Bubblemaps CEO Nicolas Vaiman, who joined the session and highlighted significant concerns regarding the token’s ownership concentration. It was revealed that a small number of accounts controlled over 80% of the supply, sparking a massive sell-off by early buyers.

The live event turned emotional as the founder struggled to address the sudden collapse. Vaiman disclosed that the founder might not be in full control of the project, hinting at a possible involvement of developers known for similar schemes.

This incident underscores the volatility and risks associated with meme coins and highlights the importance of transparency and robust token distribution.

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