Injective Protocol Debuts Layer-3 Network on Arbitrum

Injective Protocol Debuts Layer-3 Network on Arbitrum

New Development Aims to Boost Efficiency and Cross-Chain Transactions in the Crypto Space

Injective Protocol has launched its Layer-3 network, dubbed inEVM, utilizing Arbitrum’s Orbit toolkit to foster improved connectivity and interoperability across major blockchain networks like Ethereum, Cosmos, and Solana. This initiative marks a significant technological advancement aimed at enhancing the seamless integration of these platforms.

The inEVM is designed to enable developers to build customizable chains while ensuring compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), thus promoting a more unified and efficient blockchain ecosystem. This strategic deployment also introduces a token burning mechanism as part of the protocol's economic strategy to ensure sustainable tokenomics, which involves the systematic destruction of a portion of the transaction fees.

This launch is pivotal for Injective, primarily utilizing Cosmos technology, to expand its interoperability and functionality. The network supports increased cross-chain asset liquidity and transaction efficiency, crucial for maintaining robust and dynamic crypto exchanges.

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