Blast Token Surges 40% Post-Launch, Outshines Recent Airdrops

BLAST Token Gains Momentum in the Crypto Market Despite Initial Criticism and Scamming Concerns
Blast Token Surges 40% Post-Launch, Outshines Recent Airdrops

The recently launched Blast (BLAST) token, native to the Ethereum layer-2 network, has seen a remarkable 40% surge post-launch. Starting at $0.02 per token, BLAST’s price has climbed to $0.0281, outperforming other high-profile airdrops like zkSync (ZK) and LayerZero (ZRO), which fell 46% and 43%, respectively. The airdrop distributed 17% of the total supply to users who bridged Ether or USD, contributed to DApps, and to the Blur Foundation for future community airdrops.

Despite its strong performance, the airdrop faced criticism for a lower-than-expected valuation, with some commentators, like Arthur Cheong of DeFiance Capital, expressing surprise at its $2 billion fully diluted value (FDV), anticipating closer to $5 billion. Additionally, the launch attracted scammers, highlighting ongoing risks associated with airdrop events. One user reported a loss of over $217,000 due to phishing scams.

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