Blast Token Airdrop Launches with $2B Valuation, Price Surges 40%

The newly launched Blast token experiences a 40% price rally post-airdrop, achieving a $2 billion valuation.
Blast Token Airdrop Launches with $2B Valuation, Price Surges 40%

The much-anticipated native token of the Ethereum layer-2 network, Blast (BLAST), launched with a significant impact, experiencing a 40% price increase following its airdrop debut. Initially priced at $0.02, the token's fully diluted valuation (FDV) reached $2 billion, based on data from Ambient Finance and Aevo.

Following the launch, the price of BLAST surged to $0.0281, as reported by CoinMarketCap. This performance stands in contrast to recent high-profile airdrops such as zkSync (ZK) and LayerZero (ZRO), which saw their prices drop by 46% and 43% respectively post-launch.

The BLAST airdrop distributed 17% of the total supply, with 7% allocated to users who bridged Ether (ETH) or USD on Blast (USDB) since late last year. Another 7% was given to contributors of decentralized applications (DApps) on the network, while 3% went to the Blur Foundation for future airdrops.

Despite the impressive debut, the airdrop attracted some criticism. Arthur Cheong, co-founder of DeFiance Capital, expressed surprise at BLAST’s $2 billion FDV, anticipating a valuation closer to $5 billion. Additionally, the Blast network, co-founded by Tieshun Roquerre (known as PacMan), faced criticism from seed investors in November for lacking sufficient features to justify a one-way bridging mechanism that locked up ETH for several months.

The airdrop event also saw a surge in scam activities, with malicious actors posing as legitimate entities to exploit users. Crypto security firm Scam Sniffer identified a victim who lost over $217,000 to such scams.

Despite these challenges, the strong rally of BLAST tokens post-launch highlights the growing interest and investment in layer-2 solutions and their potential to reshape the crypto landscape.

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