Bitcoin Price Drops Amid ETF Outflows & Declining Market Dominance

BTC Price Hits One-Month Low as Investors Rotate to Altcoins Following Ethereum Regulatory Relief
Bitcoin Price Drops Amid ETF Outflows & Declining Market Dominance

Bitcoin's price recently dropped to $63,500, marking its lowest point in over a month. This decline is attributed to significant outflows from Bitcoin spot ETFs and a decrease in Bitcoin's market dominance. Since June 10, nearly $500 million has been withdrawn from Bitcoin ETFs, coinciding with a stronger U.S. dollar and a general risk-off sentiment among investors. The Bitcoin Dominance Index, which measures Bitcoin's share of the total cryptocurrency market, fell to 55.14%. This shift reflects an increased interest in altcoins, especially Ethereum, following the SEC's decision to end its investigation into Ethereum's status as a security.

Despite the current downturn, technical analysis suggests a potential for Bitcoin's price to rise to $88,000 by July or August. Analysts believe that while the immediate market sentiment is bearish, the underlying fundamentals of Bitcoin remain strong, indicating possible future growth.

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