Bitcoin Miner CleanSpeak Acquires Rival GRIID in $155 Million Deal

Strategic Acquisition Boosts CleanSpark's Power Capacity and Market Position
Bitcoin Miner CleanSpeak Acquires Rival GRIID in $155 Million Deal

CleanSpark, a sustainability-focused Bitcoin miner, has announced plans to merge with Griid Infrastructure in a $155 million stock transaction. This acquisition will add 20 megawatts (MW) of power to CleanSpark's existing infrastructure, with an estimated growth of over 400 MW in the next two years. The deal, expected to close in Q3 2024, aims to enhance CleanSpark's presence in Tennessee and strengthen its market position amid the evolving cryptocurrency mining landscape.

Key Highlights

  1. Strategic Acquisition:

    • The deal includes all of Griid’s assets and operations, expanding CleanSpark’s footprint.

  2. Enhanced Capacity:

    • CleanSpark will increase its power capacity significantly, leveraging Griid’s infrastructure.

  3. Market Impact:

    • The acquisition positions CleanSpark as a leader in sustainable mining, appealing to environmentally conscious investors.

Future Prospects

This merger is set to provide CleanSpark with a steady path for growth, potentially attracting more investors interested in sustainable and efficient cryptocurrency mining.


The strategic acquisition of Griid by CleanSpark marks a significant step forward in the sustainable mining sector, offering enhanced capacity and a stronger market position.

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