Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark to Acquire GRIID for $155M

Strategic Acquisition Enhances CleanSpark's Mining Capacity and Sustainability
Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark to Acquire GRIID for $155M

CleanSpark, a sustainability-focused Bitcoin mining company, is set to acquire GRIID in a $155 million all-stock deal. This strategic move will enhance CleanSpark's operational footprint, integrating GRIID’s assets and debt. The acquisition includes a pivotal 20 MW power hosting deal and aims to boost CleanSpark's capacity to over 400 MW by 2026. Additionally, CleanSpark plans to acquire Bitmain S21 miners and several turnkey sites to further bolster its mining capabilities.

Key Highlights

  1. Strategic Expansion:

    • The acquisition expands CleanSpark’s infrastructure, integrating GRIID’s assets and debt profile.

  2. Enhanced Capacity:

    • CleanSpark aims to significantly increase its mining capacity, with a target of over 400 MW by 2026.

  3. Sustainability Focus:

    • CleanSpark emphasizes environmentally friendly mining practices, appealing to sustainability-conscious investors.

Future Prospects

This acquisition positions CleanSpark for substantial growth, with plans to expand its operations and enhance its competitive edge in the cryptocurrency mining industry.


The strategic acquisition of GRIID by CleanSpark underscores a commitment to sustainability and growth, enhancing the company’s mining capabilities and market presence.

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