Bitcoin Faces Rare Extended FUD as Sentiment Indicator

Santiment's Data Highlights Persistent Negative Sentiment Amid Bitcoin's $65K Price Stagnation
Bitcoin Faces Rare Extended FUD as Sentiment Indicator

Bitcoin has been encountering an unusually prolonged period of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) on social media platform X, according to Santiment, a cryptocurrency intelligence platform. Despite hovering around the $65,000 mark, Bitcoin's price has experienced a lack of volatility, with traders showing signs of capitulation.

Santiment's Weighted Sentiment Index, which tracks Bitcoin mentions on X, has remained negative since May 23, indicating a predominance of bearish sentiment. As of now, the index stands at -0.738, highlighting widespread negativity within the crypto community.

Despite these trends, some analysts remain optimistic. Historical patterns suggest that lengthy consolidation periods often precede significant price surges. This sentiment is echoed by crypto analysts who believe that Bitcoin’s current stability could be setting the stage for a major upward movement.

The Fear and Greed Index, another sentiment gauge, reflects this cautious optimism, currently displaying a Greed reading of 63, though it has decreased by 11 points over the past week. This index considers various factors, including social media sentiment, market momentum, and volume.

As Bitcoin navigates this phase of extended FUD, the crypto community continues to monitor these indicators, balancing short-term skepticism with long-term bullish expectations.

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