Partners with evmOS to Deploy Lif3 Chain

Innovative Partnership Brings Enhanced Security and Efficiency to DeFi with Lif3 Chain's Curated Contract Deployments Partners with evmOS to Deploy Lif3 Chain
Author: has announced a groundbreaking partnership with evmOS to launch Lif3 Chain, the world’s first Layer-1 solution designed for public permissionless use with curated DeFi contracts. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the blockchain industry by enhancing the security and efficiency of smart contract implementation.

Harry Yeh, Managing Director of Quantum FinTech Group, emphasized the importance of this advancement, stating that Lif3 Chain will set a new industry standard for secure and efficient DeFi operations. Unlike existing solutions that suffer from malicious contracts and unnecessary token deployments, Lif3 Chain's curated contract system ensures only high-quality, vetted smart contracts are deployed, fostering a safer and more reliable ecosystem.

Lif3 Chain, equipped with evmOS, is compatible with both IBC and EVM, making it a versatile solution for developers and enterprises. This integration facilitates seamless interactions with smart contracts and enhances the overall user experience.

Key benefits of the and evmOS partnership include:

  • LIF3 Wallet Efficiency: The self-custody wallet is now more accessible and user-friendly, with EVM-compatibility facilitating seamless DeFi transactions.

  • Enhanced Security: evmOS provides a secure environment for deploying smart contracts, mitigating risks associated with unauthorized access.

  • Public, Permissionless Use: Democratizes blockchain technology, allowing anyone to interact with smart contracts.

  • Curated Contract Deployment: Ensures high-quality, vetted contracts, enhancing trust within the ecosystem.

  • Omni-Chain DeFi Ecosystem: Strengthens’s DeFi offerings across multiple blockchain networks.

  • Empowerment of Developers and Enterprises: Offers advanced tools and infrastructure for developing next-generation decentralized applications.

  • Advancement of Web3: Drives the adoption and potential of Web3 technologies across various sectors.’s omni-chain DeFi ecosystem, now enhanced by this partnership, aims to transform the blockchain landscape by providing a robust, secure, and versatile platform for development.

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