Berlin's DappCon 2024: Pioneering the Future of DApps

DappCon 2024 Set to Unveil Revolutionary Blockchain and AI Advancements in Berlin
Berlin's DappCon 2024: Pioneering the Future of DApps

DappCon 2024, a leading developer conference focused on Ethereum infrastructure, is scheduled to be held from May 21-23 at Radialsystem, Berlin, showcasing major innovations in the blockchain domain. This cornerstone event of the Berlin Blockchain Week will attract over 900 developers, blockchain pioneers, and tech visionaries. The agenda is rich with topics ranging from open-source infrastructure, peer-to-peer payments, to decentralizing the Internet, emphasizing scalability, privacy, and user empowerment.

The event features a distinguished lineup of over 80 speakers, including Ethereum's co-founder and tech leaders from Gnosis and Polygon, discussing the latest in DeFi, staking, and interoperability. Special attention will be given to AI, exploring its integration with blockchain to shape future financial technologies.

DappCon 2024 will also host workshops, a hackathon, and social events to foster networking and collaborative innovation. Key announcements are anticipated from projects like Zeal and Gnosis, aiming to push the boundaries of decentralized technology further.

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