World's First Event Focused on the Intersection of FHE and Web3

Pioneering Event to Explore Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Web3 Technologies
World's First Event Focused on the Intersection of FHE and Web3

Inco, developers of a universal confidentiality layer for Ethereum and other networks, in collaboration with FHE Onchain, has announced the inaugural FHE Summit. This groundbreaking event, set for July 10 in Brussels, will focus on Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) and its applications within Web3. The summit will feature industry leaders and experts, including Pascal Paillier, Remi Gai, and Ravital Solomon, discussing the latest innovations and future potential of FHE in enhancing data confidentiality and blockchain security. The event aims to foster collaboration and advance the adoption of FHE technologies in decentralized applications.

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