Worldcoin's Controversial Tokenomics: A Deceptive Scheme?

Analysts Criticize Worldcoin's Token Distribution Strategy, Citing Predatory Practices
Worldcoin's Controversial Tokenomics: A Deceptive Scheme?

Worldcoin has come under scrutiny for its tokenomics, which some analysts claim could predominantly benefit insiders, possibly at the cost of community investors. According to DeFiSquared, a significant portion of Worldcoin's WLD token supply, initially earmarked for community allocation, is being sold off to trading firms at potentially discounted prices. This move has raised allegations of predatory tactics, reminiscent of strategies employed by other controversial figures in the crypto space. The concern is that these practices may not align with the project’s declared aims of universal basic income and could instead lead to significant wealth transfers to early investors and insiders. This has sparked a broader debate about the ethical implications of such tokenomics in the blockchain community.

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