Solciety's PolitiFi Meme Coin Presale Achieves $650K in 1st 2Weeks

Early Success Marks a Promising Start for Solciety's SLCTY Token Amid Growing Interest in Political Meme Coins
Solciety's PolitiFi Meme Coin Presale Achieves $650K in 1st 2Weeks

Solciety has successfully raised over $650,000 in the initial two weeks of its PolitiFi meme coin presale, capitalizing on the increasing popularity of political-themed meme coins within the Solana ecosystem. The presale has garnered significant attention, attracting over 15,000 community members on Twitter and Telegram.

The presale is structured into 15 stages, with SLCTY tokens currently priced at $0.002222. Each stage sees a 3% price increase, incentivizing early participation. Post-presale, SLCTY will be available for public trading, offering early investors the chance to capitalize on their initial investments.

Solciety has built a strong community foundation, supported by key opinion leaders such as Crypto Moonlight and Crypto Pablo. The platform’s appeal lies in its satirical take on political themes, using meme characters like Donald Pump and Kim Wrong Un. A portion of the token supply, 10%, is allocated for meme creation rewards, encouraging the community to generate and share content.

The tokenomics of Solciety are designed to support a rally when public trading begins. With 20% of tokens reserved for marketing and 17% for liquidity, the platform is poised to maintain smooth trading and extend its reach.

Solciety is part of the burgeoning PolitiFi sector, which has seen a market cap exceed $1 billion. This growth is fueled by the upcoming major elections in France, the UK, and the US, positioning political meme coins as a trending investment. Solciety's presale success and strategic positioning within this sector highlight its potential to become a leading token.

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