Snowden's Candid Critique: From Bitcoin to Elon Musk

Edward Snowden delivers sharp insights on Bitcoin's privacy, Elon Musk's free speech stance, and Kristi Noem's controversial actions
Snowden's Candid Critique: From Bitcoin to Elon Musk

Edward Snowden, the notable whistleblower, recently unleashed a wave of critiques across social media, touching on several high-profile topics and figures. His remarks spanned from technological to political, beginning with a stern warning to Bitcoin developers about the necessity for inherent privacy measures within the blockchain technology. He criticized the closure of Wasabi Wallet's developer zkSNACKs as a poignant example of privacy issues.

Snowden also entered the fray of free speech with Elon Musk. After Musk questioned the consequences of replacing the American flag, Snowden defended constitutional protections of expression, emphasizing the significance of upholding rights without physical enforcement by laws themselves.

Further, Snowden didn't hold back when discussing South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, whom he labeled a "puppy-killer" in response to her admission of shooting a puppy, drawing a stark analogy to excessive force in law enforcement. These diverse interactions underscore Snowden's continued influence and vocal stance on issues of freedom, privacy, and ethical governance.

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