Singapore Highlights Digital Payment Tokens as High-Risk

Singapore’s Money Laundering National Risk Assessment Identifies Key Threats from Digital Payment Tokens
Singapore Highlights Digital Payment Tokens as High-Risk

Singapore’s latest Money Laundering National Risk Assessment (MLNRA) report has flagged digital payment token (DPT) service providers as a high-risk sector within the anti-money laundering (AML) landscape. The 126-page report, which identifies new risk sectors not covered in the previous 2014 report, highlights vulnerabilities associated with DPTs, including an increase in money laundering cases and various exploitation methods.

The report stresses the heightened risks posed by DPT service providers and other high-risk sectors like payment institutions offering cross-border services. Despite Singapore's relatively small share of global DPT activities, the authorities are closely monitoring associated risks. Fraud, organized crime, and cyber-enabled crimes are identified as primary threats, with common laundering methods including fake companies and investments in valuable assets.

Singapore’s position as an international financial hub exposes it to significant money laundering risks, and the report underscores the need for robust AML measures. In response, the Monetary Authority of Singapore plans to amend the Payment Services Act to expand regulated services related to DPTs, enhancing oversight and security.

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