Shiba Inu's Critical Moment: Can SHIB Overcome Its Downtrend?

Shiba Inu Eyes Downtrend Reversal Amidst Growing Investor Confidence and Decreased Selling
Shiba Inu's Critical Moment: Can SHIB Overcome Its Downtrend?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is at a pivotal juncture, attempting to break out of a persistent downtrend that has troubled the meme coin for over two months. Despite the market's bearish tendencies, SHIB investors are showing signs of hope, evidenced by a noticeable decline in active deposits. This metric, representing the number of unique addresses transferring SHIB to exchanges, has reached a two-month low, indicating reduced selling pressure. Additionally, the shift from short-term to mid-term holders suggests a growing investor confidence, potentially setting the stage for a bullish reversal. This scenario is contingent on SHIB's ability to breach critical resistance levels and convert them into support, a movement that could ignite a significant rally.


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