Nummus Announces the Presale of Nummus Token with Unique Rewards

Join the Nummus Ecosystem: Exclusive Bonuses and Rewards for Early Participants
Nummus Announces the Presale of Nummus Token with Unique Rewards

Nummus, a prominent web and Telegram-based casino and sportsbook, is launching the presale of its Nummus Token (NUMMUS) on June 17, 2024. The presale offers 50 million tokens, with numerous exclusive bonuses and benefits for early buyers. Participants will receive a 100% bonus reward, a guaranteed token value of $0.10 within the Nummus Casino, and the opportunity to earn up to 24% yields through staking. Additionally, 2,500 NFTs will be available, offering a share of 25% of the casino’s net profit forever. The Nummus Token, an ERC-20 token, is designed to enhance user experience and ensure stability within the ecosystem. With a deflationary model, the token aims for sustainable growth through buybacks and burns.

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