Midle Emphasizes "Surf the Hype" Approach to Web3 Marketing

Midle discusses sustainable Web3 marketing strategies to engage real users and avoid common pitfalls.
Midle Emphasizes "Surf the Hype" Approach to Web3 Marketing

In a recent Cointelegraph X Spaces session, Midle COO Berkay Hacifettahoglu and CEO Kavin Mahbubani discussed the importance of sustainable Web3 marketing strategies. Emphasizing a "surf the hype" approach, they highlighted the need for long-term planning, well-defined roadmaps, and genuine user engagement. Midle's platform integrates with over 200 blockchain networks and 14 social media platforms, offering tasks that reward users and promote engagement. Their anti-bot system uses AI and human verification to ensure authentic interactions. Looking ahead, Midle plans to introduce decentralized face scans for further verification, enhancing campaign effectiveness.

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