Gemini Launches Campaign Fin Initiative for Pro-Crypto Candidates

Winklevoss Twins Back Pro-Crypto Political Movement with $2 Million Donation to Trump's Campaign
Gemini Launches Campaign Fin Initiative for Pro-Crypto Candidates

Gemini Exchange has introduced a campaign finance project aimed at supporting pro-crypto candidates in the upcoming US Presidential election. This initiative follows a substantial $2 million donation from Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to former President Trump's re-election campaign.

Tyler Winklevoss criticized the current administration for its perceived hostility toward the crypto industry, describing policies as detrimental to economic progress. This move is part of a broader political mobilization within the crypto sector, exemplified by other efforts like Coinbase’s “Stand with Crypto” PAC and the Bitcoin Voter Project.

Gemini's initiative highlights the growing influence of the cryptocurrency industry in US politics, seeking to support candidates who advocate for favorable crypto regulations.

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