Galaxis Set to Launch Token with $1M in Grants and Bybit IDO

Innovative Web3 Platform Galaxis Announces Major Funding Initiatives and IDO on Bybit
Galaxis Set to Launch Token with $1M in Grants and Bybit IDO

Galaxis, a pioneering platform in the Web3 space, is gearing up for a significant milestone with its upcoming token launch, set to be introduced through an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Bybit this May. In a move to bolster its launch and community engagement, Galaxis has also unveiled a $1 million grant program dedicated to creators and community members.

This initiative, designed to foster active participation within the Galaxis ecosystem, is equally divided into Creator and Community Member Grant Programs. Each segment of the program will distribute $500,000 over the next year, aimed at incentivizing the community through engagement and contribution to the platform’s growth.

Furthermore, Galaxis has enhanced its platform with customizable membership cards, which provide both digital and physical perks, contributing to a robust support system for creators. This feature has already propelled Galaxis to impressive trading volumes in secondary markets and significant capital raise through its Galaxis Engines.

The platform's strategic partnerships with notable figures like Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, and associations with the NBA have positioned it as a key player in the Web3 creator economy. With its token launch, Galaxis is not just expanding its technological footprint but also solidifying its commitment to empowering creators globally.

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