Dogwifhat Drops Out of Top 50 Cryptocurrencies with a 38% Decline

Memecoin Dogwifhat Faces Significant Market Cap Drop Amidst Declining Investor Interest
Dogwifhat Drops Out of Top 50 Cryptocurrencies with a 38% Decline

The memecoin Dogwifhat (WIF) has experienced a sharp decline, falling out of the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Over the past seven days, Dogwifhat's price has plummeted by 38%, now trading at $1.62. On June 23, its market cap dropped by 9% to $1.60 billion, allowing Fantom to overtake its position.

Pseudonymous crypto trader Blockgraze highlighted the lack of accumulation activity in a recent post, contrasting earlier predictions of Dogwifhat's potential rise. Despite the downturn, Dogwifhat remains the fourth-largest memecoin, behind Pepe, which has nearly three times its market cap at $4.57 billion.

The decline has also affected futures trading, with Open Interest (OI) dropping 25% to $209.64 million over the same period. If Dogwifhat rebounds to $1.81, approximately $13.53 million in short positions could be liquidated.

Market sentiment has shifted dramatically over the past few months. In March, former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes predicted that Dogwifhat could reach $10 when it first hit the $3 mark. However, the recent decline has tempered such optimism.

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