CryptoPunk Leads the Surge: Ethereum NFTs Outshine Bitcoin's Runes

CryptoPunks sees unprecedented sales, highlighting a significant shift in NFT market dynamics as Ethereum-based collectibles gain over Bitcoin.
CryptoPunk Leads the Surge: Ethereum NFTs Outshine Bitcoin's Runes

CryptoPunks, one of the earliest and most iconic Ethereum-based NFT collections, has seen a dramatic increase in sales, significantly outperforming Bitcoin's NFT market. Recently, a CryptoPunks NFT sold for an astonishing $792,046, contributing to a total sales volume of $1.25 million in just 24 hours—an 811.95% increase. Meanwhile, Bitcoin's Ordinals, despite their initial hype, have experienced a downturn. This shift underlines Ethereum's strengthening position in the NFT sector, contrasting with a declining interest in Bitcoin's Runes.

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