Crypto Airdrop: Mode Network's 550 Million Token Distribution

Crypto Airdrop: Mode Network's 550 Million Token Distribution

Mode Network launches a substantial 550 million token airdrop on the Optimism Layer-2 platform, fueling excitement and participation in the DeFi space.

Mode Network has initiated a significant airdrop event, distributing 550 million MODE tokens on the Optimism Layer-2 platform. This move aims to enhance governance and foster ecosystem growth by engaging users and developers through direct token distribution. As Mode Network ranks among the top 10 Layer-2 networks, with a total value locked (TVL) of $603 million, this airdrop marks a pivotal moment to incentivize participation and boost network activity. The airdrop is designed to prevent early sell-offs by imposing claim restrictions, ensuring contributors remain invested in the network's long-term success.


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