Charles Hoskinson Clashes with Michael Saylor Over Cardano Status

Hoskinson Defends Cardano Against Saylor's "Securities" Claim
Charles Hoskinson Clashes with Michael Saylor Over Cardano Status

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, recently defended his cryptocurrency against Michael Saylor’s assertions that only Bitcoin could be considered an institutional asset and not altcoins like Cardano. Saylor, known for his unwavering support of Bitcoin, argued that cryptocurrencies such as Cardano would be classified as securities and not achieve the same level of institutional acceptance. In response, Hoskinson criticized Saylor's stance as overly rigid and indicative of "Bitcoin maximalism," which he believes unfairly dismisses the potential and legality of other cryptocurrencies. This dispute highlights the ongoing debate within the crypto community regarding the classification and future of altcoins compared to Bitcoin.

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