APAC Faces Rising Crypto Crime Amid Legal Resource Shortages

Chainalysis Report Highlights the Struggle of APAC Law Enforcement Against Crypto-Related Crimes
APAC Faces Rising Crypto Crime Amid Legal Resource Shortages

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is grappling with a significant increase in cryptocurrency-related crime, according to the "2024 State of Cryptocurrency Investigations Report" by Chainalysis. This surge in illicit activities is exacerbated by a shortage of legal resources and insufficient training for law enforcement.

The report reveals that over half of the law enforcement agencies in APAC are dissatisfied with their current resources for investigating crypto crimes, including drug trafficking, cybercrime, and intellectual property violations. This dissatisfaction stems from the complexity of digital asset investigations and the lack of advanced technological tools and training.

Hayato Shigekawa, principal solutions architect at Chainalysis, pointed out that while countries like Japan face legal limitations in digital asset forfeiture, Singapore has established frameworks allowing the seizure of digital assets. However, both regions require advanced solutions to support on-chain investigations and comprehensive training programs to enhance their capabilities.

The report also highlights a significant negative perception of cryptocurrency among APAC respondents, with 67.7% agreeing that crypto is primarily used by criminals. This contrasts with more optimistic views in other regions such as Latin America and Europe.

The findings underscore the need for better education and technical resources to combat the growing threat of crypto crime in APAC. Investing in advanced technology and training is essential to close the gap and improve the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in dealing with digital asset-related crimes.

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