4 Major Token Launches to Watch in 2024

Exciting new tokens from Plena Finance, Upland, Scroll, and Ponder set to shake up the crypto market in 2024.
4 Major Token Launches to Watch in 2024

2024 is gearing up to be a significant year for token launches, with four major projects set to make waves in the crypto space.

Plena Finance: This Web3 app simplifies onboarding with account abstraction, eliminating seed phrases. After raising $5M in private funding, Plena Finance is readying its token generation event.

Upland: A well-established Web3 game inspired by Monopoly, Upland plans to launch a token on Ethereum, enhancing its existing in-game currency, Sparklet.

Scroll: Known for its zkEVM technology, Scroll is preparing for its token launch, backed by strong Ethereum community support and a growing ecosystem.

Ponder: Operating on BNB Chain, Ponder aims to capture opportunities in DeFi, RWAs, NFTs, and memecoins, with a token sale on Ape Terminal expected to draw significant interest.

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