4 Cryptocurrencies Poised for All-Time Highs in July 2024

BNB, Kaspa, Pendle, and Brett show promising signs of reaching new peaks next month.
4 Cryptocurrencies Poised for All-Time Highs in July 2024

As the crypto market continues its volatile journey, several cryptocurrencies are showing potential for significant gains in July 2024.

Binance Coin (BNB): BNB is showing signs of a rebound after a recent decline. Indicators suggest it could reach $740.70 if buying pressure increases.

Kaspa (KAS): Kaspa has gained traction, with bullish momentum suggesting it could hit $0.20 soon.

Pendle (PENDLE): Pendle's technical indicators hint at a possible rally, potentially reaching $7.80.

Brett (BRETT): This meme coin could test new highs between $0.20 and $0.21 if it maintains current support levels.


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