3iQ Files for Solana ETF in Canada, Marking a North American First

QSOL Aims to Provide Shareholders with Staking Yields from Solana Network
3iQ Files for Solana ETF in Canada, Marking a North American First

Digital asset manager 3iQ has filed a preliminary prospectus for a Solana exchange-traded product (ETP) on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE), aiming to be the first Solana ETF in North America. Named QSOL, this ETP will offer exposure to Solana (SOL) and its daily price movements against the US dollar. Additionally, QSOL aims to provide staking yields of approximately 6-8%, benefiting from Solana’s native staking capabilities. Custody and staking infrastructure will be provided by Coinbase Custody and Tetra Trust.

3iQ has a history of successful cryptocurrency products, including the 3iQ Bitcoin ETF and Ether Staking ETF, currently holding significant net assets. This new Solana ETP will expand their portfolio and potentially set a precedent for other firms to follow in North America.

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