Xai Games Re-Locks Tokens, Cuts Unlock Share by 80%

A Strategic Move to Enhance Long-Term Stability and Trust
Xai Games Re-Locks Tokens, Cuts Unlock Share by 80%

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing the long-term stability and trust of its platform, Xai Games has announced that its contributors have agreed to re-lock their tokens, effectively reducing the unlock share by 80%. This decision, hailed as a significant step towards ensuring the sustainability of the project, underscores the contributors’ commitment to the platform’s future growth and stability.

Xai Games, known for its innovative approach in the blockchain gaming sector, has been at the forefront of integrating decentralized technologies with gaming. The re-locking of tokens is seen as a measure to mitigate potential market volatility and reassure the community of the project’s long-term vision.

The re-locking agreement involves a significant reduction in the number of tokens that will be available in the market, thereby decreasing the immediate supply and potential selling pressure. This move is expected to foster a more stable token economy and enhance investor confidence.

“We believe that this decision will strengthen the foundation of Xai Games and align with our long-term goals,” said a spokesperson for Xai Games. “By reducing the unlock share, we are demonstrating our unwavering commitment to the project’s success and the community’s trust.”

The news has been met with positive reactions from the Xai Games community and investors alike. Many see this as a proactive step that aligns with the project’s ethos of transparency and sustainability. The reduction in the unlock share is anticipated to provide a more controlled and gradual distribution of tokens, which is crucial for maintaining the project’s integrity and fostering long-term investor confidence.

As the blockchain gaming industry continues to evolve, such measures are becoming increasingly important. The decision by Xai Games’ contributors to re-lock their tokens sets a precedent for other projects in the sector, highlighting the importance of strategic planning and community trust in achieving sustainable growth.

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