Target to Introduce AI Chatbot "Store Companion" in US Stores

Innovative AI Tool Aims to Enhance Employee Efficiency and Customer Experience
Target to Introduce AI Chatbot "Store Companion" in US Stores

Target Corporation is set to launch an AI chatbot named "Store Companion" across its nearly 2,000 US stores by August. Designed to assist over 400,000 employees, this generative AI tool will be available on handheld devices, providing immediate answers to work-related queries, coaching new team members, and supporting store operations.

The AI chatbot is currently being piloted in around 400 stores, where it has received feedback for improvement. Target's Executive Vice President and Chief Stores Officer, Mark Schindele, described the technology as "game-changing," emphasizing its potential to streamline tasks and enhance the shopping experience.

Employees can ask the AI various process-related questions, such as how to sign up a guest for a Target Circle Card or how to restart the cash register in case of a power outage. This tool is part of Target's broader strategy to integrate generative AI into its operations, including summarizing product reviews and enhancing online product descriptions.

The introduction of Store Companion underscores Target's commitment to leveraging advanced technology to improve both employee efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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