SoftBank's Masayoshi Son: Creating Artificial Super Intelligence

SoftBank CEO Predicts AI to Surpass Human Intelligence by 2035
SoftBank's Masayoshi Son: Creating Artificial Super Intelligence

In a recent address at SoftBank's annual meeting in Tokyo, CEO Masayoshi Son outlined his ambitious vision for the future of artificial intelligence (AI). Son, a prominent figure in global finance, asserted that SoftBank's primary mission is to develop "artificial super intelligence" (ASI), which he believes will dramatically exceed human intelligence.

Son predicted that AI will become one to ten times smarter than humans by 2030 and astonishingly, 10,000 times smarter by 2035. These bold claims highlight his belief in AI's transformative potential, positioning it as a pivotal force that could redefine human existence.

During his speech, Son differentiated between artificial general intelligence (AGI) and ASI. AGI, according to Son, represents a level of intelligence comparable to a human genius, enhanced up to tenfold. In contrast, ASI would possess capabilities exponentially greater, with a cognitive capacity 10,000 times that of a human. This distinction underscores the monumental leap in intelligence that ASI represents.

Despite these grand aspirations, Son acknowledged the current limitations of AI technology. Presently, AI systems capable of human-level reasoning remain theoretical, with no consensus on the feasibility of AGI or ASI with existing technology. However, Son's vision is clear: SoftBank is committed to pioneering advancements in this field.

The market reacted to Son's forward-looking statements with some trepidation. Following his remarks about his own mortality and the future direction of SoftBank, the company's shares experienced a decline of over three percent. This dip reflects investor caution amidst the uncertainty surrounding such revolutionary technological pursuits.

Son's passion for AI development is deeply personal. Reflecting on his journey, he expressed a profound sense of purpose, stating, "SoftBank was founded for what purpose? For what purpose was Masa Son born? It may sound strange, but I think I was born to realize ASI. I am super serious about it."

As SoftBank continues to navigate the evolving landscape of AI, Son's vision sets a bold course. While challenges remain, the potential for AI to reshape industries and societies drives SoftBank's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

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