Sam Altman's Vision for Slice of GPT as Socioeconomic Game Changer

OpenAI's Sam Altman proposes leveraging AI compute resources to fund Universal Basic Income, shifting from traditional monetary systems
Sam Altman's Vision for Slice of GPT as Socioeconomic Game Changer

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, suggests a groundbreaking shift in socioeconomic structures by proposing the use of artificial intelligence, specifically AI compute resources like GPT, to support Universal Basic Income (UBI). During an episode of the All-In podcast, Altman discussed the transformational potential of AI and its implications for global economics and welfare systems.

Altman highlighted the inefficiencies in current government poverty assistance programs and proposed a more direct, impactful approach through UBI. By distributing a "slice of GPT" compute, individuals could gain an asset that could be used directly or converted into economic resources to support their livelihoods. This concept, dubbed as "universal basic compute," would leverage the immense capabilities of AI systems to provide a sustainable, equitable distribution of wealth.

The discussion also covered the broader impacts of AI on society, including potential existential risks and the displacement of jobs by automation. Altman advocates for the establishment of an international agency to oversee and ensure the safety of advanced AI systems, which could pose significant global threats.

This innovative approach reflects a significant evolution from Altman's earlier advocacy for UBI, suggesting a shift towards integrating technology more deeply into economic frameworks to address global challenges.

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