OORT Secures Microsoft Grant, Paving the Way for Decentralized AI

Strategic Partnership with Microsoft Enhances OORT's Capabilities in Decentralized AI Networks
OORT Secures Microsoft Grant, Paving the Way for Decentralized AI

OORT, a leader in decentralized AI and Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), has been awarded a substantial grant from Microsoft, marking a significant milestone in the company's journey. This grant, a follow-up to last year's support, highlights Microsoft's confidence in OORT's innovative vision and technological prowess.

The collaboration extends beyond financial support, with OORT gaining critical integration with OpenAI, enhancing its AI capabilities and adding more value to its Datahub product. This integration will enable OORT to deliver robust and scalable AI solutions within its decentralized framework, meeting the demands of its growing user base.

OORT is also planning strategic storage and computing integration with Microsoft. This will enhance OORT Storage and OORT Compute solutions, boosting the platform's data processing capabilities to meet institutional standards.

Max Li, CEO of OORT, expressed his excitement, stating, "We're thrilled about this future support from Microsoft. It’s a huge endorsement of our work in decentralized technology. With Microsoft and OpenAI’s support, we’re ready to take our solutions to the next level and offer even greater value to our users."

The timing of this grant is crucial as OORT scales its technological infrastructure and expands its market reach. Microsoft's strategic support not only enhances OORT's tech capabilities but also integrates it more deeply into the broader cloud ecosystem, positioning OORT to lead the future of decentralized AI.

OORT aims to revolutionize data storage, validation, and utilization across decentralized AI networks. With Microsoft's backing, OORT is well-positioned to drive forward the next wave of decentralized AI innovation.

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