NFC 2024 in Lisbon: A Fusion of Blockchain and Culture

Lisbon to Host the Multi-Faceted NFC 2024: Merging NFTs, AI, and Meme Culture in a Single Ticket Experience
NFC 2024 in Lisbon: A Fusion of Blockchain and Culture

NFC 2024 promises to redefine the landscape of digital culture with its innovative event lineup in Lisbon from May 28-30. This unique assembly, integral to the Web3 and blockchain revolution, features five distinct but interconnected events at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion and the scenic beaches of Costa da Caparica.

The flagship Non Fungible Conference explores the convergence of art, fashion, and gaming within the Web3 space, hosting industry leaders like Robby Yung and Claire Silver. Parallel to this, MEMECON 2024 celebrates meme culture with a unique blend of community and humor. Adding a local flavor, Ordinals Lisbon will showcase community-building activities for Ordinals and Runes enthusiasts.

The R3D CARPET event introduces the world's first AI Movie Festival, marrying film and AI innovation under the glamorous guise of film festival traditions but with a digital twist. Finally, the Off Moga segment extends the festivities to sandy beaches, featuring day and night parties orchestrated by about 20 DJs, fostering a festive and collaborative atmosphere.

With more than 4,400 participants last year, NFC 2024 is set to expand its footprint, promising exciting announcements and a packed schedule that will enrich the blockchain and digital arts landscape.

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