Adds AKT for On-Chain Staking, Earn up to 19% Rewards

Explore the Benefits and Opportunities of Staking AKT on Adds AKT for On-Chain Staking, Earn up to 19% Rewards
Author: has introduced on-chain staking for Akash Network (AKT), offering users the opportunity to earn up to 19% rewards. This addition enhances's staking options, allowing users to leverage the decentralized cloud computing power of Akash Network. The high staking rewards aim to attract more users to the platform and support the growth of Akash Network's ecosystem.

Key Highlights:

  1. High Rewards:

    • Earn up to 19% staking rewards with AKT.

  2. Decentralized Cloud Computing:

    • Benefit from Akash Network's decentralized infrastructure.


Staking AKT on provides an attractive opportunity for investors looking to earn high rewards while supporting a decentralized cloud computing network.

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