Chainlink Data Streams Debut on Avalanche with GMX V2

Enhancing DeFi Capabilities on Avalanche Through High-Throughput Market Data
Chainlink Data Streams Debut on Avalanche with GMX V2

Chainlink, Avalanche, and GMX have announced the launch of Chainlink Data Streams on the Avalanche blockchain, aiming to enhance DeFi applications by providing low-latency, high-throughput market data. This integration features GMX V2, a decentralized perpetual exchange, promising user experiences comparable to centralized exchanges due to fast on-chain execution speeds and robust security.

Key Highlights

  1. Low-Latency Data:

    • Chainlink Data Streams provide real-time market data, enabling fast and secure DeFi applications on Avalanche.

  2. Enhanced User Experience:

    • GMX V2 benefits from improved speed and security, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

  3. Strategic Importance:

    • This collaboration aims to attract more developers and users to Avalanche, expanding its DeFi ecosystem.


The integration of Chainlink Data Streams on Avalanche marks a significant step forward in DeFi innovation, offering improved data solutions and user experiences.

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