Bitwise Unveils Ethereum ETF Ad as Mintable NFT

First National TV Spot for an Ether ETF Becomes a Collectible NFT Supporting Ethereum Developers
Bitwise Unveils Ethereum ETF Ad as Mintable NFT

Bitwise has launched its first Ethereum ETF ad, which can be minted as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The 39-second commercial, themed around Ethereum's 24/7 functionality compared to traditional finance, marks a significant move in digital asset marketing. Bitwise themed the ad on Ethereum's ability to operate continuously, contrasting with traditional finance's limited hours.

Proceeds from the NFT sales will benefit the Protocol Guild, supporting Ethereum core contributors, and the ad's actors, Jamie Kaler and Michael Tacconi. As of now, over 1,198 mints have been made by 530 unique users, raising approximately $1,865 or 0.53 ETH.

The launch follows Bitwise's approval to list spot Ether ETFs by the SEC, with the company amending its S-1 registration for a potential $100 million investment in the Bitwise Ethereum ETF.

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